The Carl Andre Catalogue Raisonné of Sculptures proposes to offer a comprehensive account of all sculptures made by Carl Andre over the past sixty years. Each of the approximately 2000 individual sculptures will be annotated with relevant scholarly information including the work’s title, place and date of origin, as well as technical data such as material, configuration and measurements. Historical and current provenances, exhibition history and a listing of selected publications will round out the profile of each work, showing the worldwide impact of Carl Andre’s sculptural oeuvre.

The Carl Andre Catalogue Raisonné, LLC, in New York has commissioned Dr. Eva Meyer-Hermann, an internationally renowned art historian based in Berlin, as General Editor of the Carl Andre Catalogue Raisonné of Sculptures. A scholar of Andre’s work for over 30 years, Meyer-Hermann will lead the project together with a team of researchers in the United States and Europe.

The Carl Andre Catalogue Raisonné of Sculptures will be published in two phases. The first phase will consist of a comprehensive book in two volumes, scheduled to come out in 2022. It will contain the most essential data for all sculptures and an encyclopedic account of key issues in the work of Carl Andre. In a second phase, the Carl Andre Catalogue Raisonné of Sculptures will be accessible in an online database, hosted by Cahiers d'Arte Institute (CDAI), New York.

The project is made possible through the support and collaboration of Paula Cooper Gallery, New York and Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf/Berlin.

Current and past owners of Carl Andre works are encouraged to contact